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About Us


B.I.S was founded in 2007 at Ebina City Kanagawa Ken to provide International Standard Education with native level Japanese Language while focusing on intellectual, spiritual, physical, and social development of the pupils. In January 2012 school acquired a building in Ayase city and moved there to serve the community in a better way.

Our Mission

To provide an educational system that not only fulfills the unique needs of international standards education but also prepares the students to comfortably adjust in Japanese society and culture and to play a leading role in the development of the country. And importantly to nurture an environment where students learn to respect other individuals and cultures so that they themselves become responsible citizens

Our Objectives

  • International Education.
  • Quality education.
  • Equity in Education.
  • Proficiency in Japanese.
  • Affordability of Fee.
  • Contributions to national well-being.
  • Respect for individual and cultural differences.
  • Sense of Responsibility and honesty.

Important Features

BIS Curriculum

For the core subjects of English Language Arts, Mathematics Science, computer science and social science we follow Cambridge curriculum because it’s widely recognized around the world.

Optional Languages

Arabic and French are available from Grade 6 onwards as optional subjects.

Computer Science

We aim to familiarize the students with the concepts and applications of computers in a simple, child friendly and interesting way.

Japanese Language

We use the same text books of Japanese language which are taught at Japanese Public Schools in order to enable our kids to comfortably adjust in Japanese society.


Primary Curriculum

  1. English Language
  2. Japanese Language
  3. Mathematics
  4. Primary Science
  1. Social Studies
  2. Computer Science
  3. Arts & Crafts
  4. Drawing/Handwriting
  1. Cultural Activities/Ethical Values
  2. Optional Language: Arabic & French
  3. Physical Education/ Sports Activities
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Admissions & Fee Structure

Enrollement Age
Class Age
Nursery 3+
Grade 1 6
Grade 2 7
Grade 3 8
Grade 4 9
Grade 5 10
Grade 6 11
Grade 7 12
Grade 8 13
IGC SE O-1 14
IGC SE O-2 15

Enrollement Time

Admissions open from January 1 to March 20.
However if seat exist, a child maybe admitted if he or she passes the test and interview.

Tuition Fee

Admission Fee: ¥ 50,000
Tuition Fee: ¥ 25,000


A 10% discount is available for the 2nd child's tuition fee.
A 20% discount is available for the 3rd child's tuition fee.
A 50% discount is available